A powerful tool to manage and have revenue from all your telegram channels in one place. With Toolgram you can create a variety of posts and make an automated schedule for uploading them anytime you want. It's also can be used as a great click-base Adv.

Project name: Toolgram
Services: Web Application development, Mobile application development, UI/US Design, DevOps
Industry: CMS
Website: http://toolgram.app
Technologies: ASP.NET core, React native, HTML, CSS, React
Region: Middle East


The biggest struggle for every social media manager is how to keep their social media content update as they post it or how to post it simultaneously and get right feedback as they see every single detail about their posts and schedule it for whole another week if they go for a vacation


Our powerful social media management solution makes it easy for SMEs, corporate marketing teams? and digital agencies to promote, analyze and track their brands across all social media platforms. We provide a one-stop shop for your social media marketing needs, helping you build brand awareness by integrating social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest into a single dashboard.

integrated design

We at graphic design as communication, meaning that the work has to have a vibe to connect to the viewer or perceiver. We make a black and white drawing and then add color digitally, bringing in a contemporary pattern to the composition to create a vibrance.

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